Third COVID-19 Protest Staged in Downtown Windsor


A third protest opposing COVID-19 measures drew just over 60 people to downtown Windsor over the weekend.

The group gathered around The Great Canadian Flag at the foot of Ouellette Avenue and Riverside Drive Sunday around 2 p.m. — this time fewer in numbers to the gathering on Oct. 25 that saw hundreds show up.

Many protestors held signs denouncing pandemic measures as a form of government control, including Dawn Mulcahey.

"I want my rights back. I want to stay free and I'm not accepting anything that the government's going to give me that's against my will," she says. "I'm not wearing a mask and I'm not taking a needle [vaccine]."


Mervyn Dependelton alleges the pandemic was used to oust outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump.

"If they do a little homework and look it up you'll find out that this was planned from the beginning and it was especially sped up and made intense because they wanted to get rid of the president of the United States, which they're doing a fantastic job of right now," he added.

Dependelton says the pandemic is only going to cost Canadian's their homes not their lives.

"I live on a street where there's many people with mortgages, maybe a year from now we're going to see power of sale signs because of disease that nobody has every seen anybody sick of," he says.

There were 3,262 new cases of COVID-19 reported across Canada Sunday, 23 of which came from Windsor-Essex. That brings the total active cases to 37,698 with 10,516 deaths nationwide.

An anti COVID-19 protest with around 20 participants popped up in west Windsor last weekend as well.