Three Local Businesses Reopen Windsor Lifeline Outreach Food Bank


Thanks to a $30,000 donation, the Windsor Lifeline Outreach food bank is back up and running.

The operation was forced to close due to concerns over COVID-19 and the food bank's ageing volunteer base.

But the Rosati Group, Mercato Fresh and Mr. Meat have come through with funding, while Rosati will bring its own labour force to run the food bank.

Project Manager Vince Rosati, says it feels great to give back to those in need.

"So we're hoping we can get a lot of people out. We wanted to spread the word so we can help as many people as we can. We've got a drive-thru set up, so we're contactless in light of all the COVID-19, and everything that we have to do to stay safe for everyone in the community," he says.

Rosati says the WLO does great work and they were happy to continue that effort.

"It's always great to give back and we need to try to do as much as we can especially during times like this," he says. "The Windsor Lifeline Outreach serves roughly 500 families a month. So hopefully we can help those people out."

Rosati adds that over 1,000 food baskets have been prepared.

Food baskets are available for pick-up Thursday May 21 and Thursday May 28 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. each day.

The Windsor Lifeline Outreach food bank is located at 4490 7th Concession Rd. in Windsor.


- With files from AM800's Rob Hindi