Three New Anaesthesiologists Hired at Windsor Regional Hospital


Windsor Regional Hospital has hired three new anaesthesiologists following the departure of two, late last year.

Chief of Staff Dr Wassim Saad says the hospital interviewed five candidates within the last few weeks and all three new hires are from outside Ontario.

"Three were selected, all of them have significant experience between five and 10 years of anaesthesia experience," he says.

The shortage in anaesthesiologists forced some elective surgeries to be postponed late last year and at one point, the hospital was down to 20 anaesthesiologists.

"The compliment we were looking at was between 23 and 25 anaesthesiologists in order to be able to run all of our ORs, “ says Dr Saad. “So with the recruitment of these three, we should have a near-full compliment.”

Dr Saad says this is a competitive sector in healthcare.

"It's very hard, anaesthesia there is a critical shortage of anaesthesiologists across the country, particularly in Ontario, it is a very competitive position."

According to Dr. Saad, the shortage never affected emergencies but Dr. Saad says it is always better to have a full compliment of staff.

The new hires should be on staff by the end of the summer.


 — With files from AM800's Rob Hindi