UPDATE: Three New Cases of COVID-19 in Windsor-Essex


The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit has announced three new cases of COVID-19.

Of the cases announced Wednesday morning, two are the result of close contact with a previously confirmed case while the other is under investigation.

The health unit reports 42 active cases in the community with two people in the hospital receiving care for the virus.

During his daily update, Medical Officer of Health Dr. Wajid Ahmed talked about close contacts and broke down high risk and low risk contacts and says it's important to disclose all your contacts if you've tested positive.

"From an individual perspective as long as you know what you are doing and that's where some of these messages come in from public health is when we are saying avoid some of these unnecessary meetings," says Dr. Ahmed.  "Try to connect with people that who you really want to connect like your close family members."    

He says the health unit continues to ask the public to avoid unnecessary gatherings.

"You are not having all of these high risk exposure events with many many people because if you are avoiding that, what you are doing is you would knew exactly who you come in contact with," says Dr. Ahmedm adding,  community members should know who they have come in connect with. "Once we have all those pieces and details, we can act immediately and we can contain it," says Dr. Ahmed.  "As a community when we are all doing our part it would make it easier for our team, for everyone to identify how the case is acquired and who are the potential people who could be at risk."     

This area now has 2,815 positive cases of the virus since the pandemic began along with 76 deaths. 2,697 cases are listed as resolved.

An outbreak protocol is in place at two workplaces.


— With files from AM800's Rusty Thomson