Tim Hortons launching first-ever Holiday Smile Cookie campaign


The well-loved Smile Cookie is making its way back to Tim Hortons, this time to spread holiday cheer. 

For the first time ever, Tim Hortons is launching their national Holiday Smile Cookie campaign which will run from November 13 to November 19. 

Instead of the usual chocolate chip cookies that are used during the Smile Cookie campaign, this holiday cookie will be a white-chocolate sugar cookie with red and green sprinkles baked into it, each hand-decorated with a white smile. 

100 per cent of Holiday Smile Cookie purchases go to local charities, community groups and Tim Hortons Foundation Camps.

Locally, the proceeds will support the Windsor Essex Food Bank Association.

Vicky Smith, Tim Hortons restaurant owner in downtown Windsor, says this holiday campaign is different from the usual Smile Cookies.

"The cookie itself is a sugar cookie, and it has some red and green sprinkles in it for the holiday's. And then a great, white smile on the outside and we're hoping to sell through tons next week, and raise some great dollars for these two charities."

She says those looking to order the cookies in bulk can fill out a form for a quicker process.

"So we actually have a bulk order form that you can get at restaurants. So you can place your order, either take that form to a restaurant, your local Tim Hortons restaurant, or you could email us that. We love it when you do it like that because then that way we can also get everything prepared and organized, and just ready for pick-up."

Smith says she's already heard from the public who are happy the proceeds will go to the local food banks. 

"People are so excited to see us having this campaign, especially at this time of year because this cookie is going to give back at a perfect time of year for so many that are going to be able to access the food banks, and then for our Tim Hortons Children Foundation. So, it's really, really, really great and we've heard a lot of great things."

The Holiday Smile Cookies are $1.50 plus tax.

Those looking to order a large amount of cookies can fill out a pre-order form and submit it to a nearby restaurant at least 24 hours prior to pick-up.