Tories force House of Commons into late-night voting as part of carbon tax fight

Dans ses questions suivantes, toutes en anglais, M. Poilievre a utilisé le terme «les séparatistes» pour référer aux députés du Bloc en plus de répéter encore et encore qu'une coalition est née. (Adrian Wyld | La Presse canadienne )

The Conservatives continue to delay government work and billions in spending by forcing round-the-clock votes in the House of Commons that will likely last until this evening.

The Tories prompted 135 votes this week -- which are mostly on the government's estimates.

It's an attempt by the Conservatives to get the Liberal government to remove the federal carbon price from all home heating by the holidays.

They say they won't stop until families, farmers and First Nations are exempted from the federal carbon-pricing plan, which they say is increasing the cost of living for those groups.

New Democrat M-P Charlie Angus calls the Tories' tactic "legislative abuse."

Angus says they are seeing harassment and intimidation under Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre.

He adds that he wants to put on the record that what is happening in Parliament right now is a very dangerous trend.