Traffic and Flooding Dominate Ward 6 and 7 Meeting


As expected, traffic and flooding were the main topics of conversation for a joint meeting of Ward 6 and 7 residents.

Peter lives on Jefferson Blvd. in Ward 6. He says traffic from Tecumseh Road all the way to Riverside Drive is getting to be a bit much.

"You can get 30-40 cars at one time [at an intersection] when it comes to the stoplight there on Tecumseh Road and we're getting a lot more down on Wyandotte Street," he says. "It's all due to it being an easier run because we don't have as many stop lights."

Pat's family has lived on Reedmere Avenue in Ward 6 for 46-years and wants to see an end to flooding.

"I can say without question that the situation is much better today than it ever has been, but one more drop will probably be too much for us," he says. "The question is; can we nail on more specifically when the Vista Project will effect the area."

In Ward 7, Margeret is concerned about dangerous intersections, most notably along Tecumseh Road at Lauzon Parkway and Forest Glade Drive.

"Endless accidents with people getting hit. Also, for the old stretch of Lauzon Road between McHugh Street and Tecumseh Road there's constantly kids on skateboards and people on wheelchairs that are regularly traversing that and there's no sidewalks," she added.

Frieda is asking Councillor Jeewen Gill to look into a streetlight a Banwell Road and Little River Drive in Ward 7.

"I like to cross Banwell Road because l like to walk on the trail. There's a four-way stop there now, but with cars coming from four directions, with some of them turning, I don't feel safe crossing," she says.

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens joined Ward 6 Councillor Joan Gignac and Ward 7 Councillor Jeewen Gill Thursday night — the last in a series of phone in meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic.