Traffic calming measures top of mind for Dilkens and Morrison


A mayoral candidate in Windsor along with a ward 10 candidate say they will continue to push for traffic calming measures if re-elected.

Drew Dilkens and Jim Morrison held a joint news conference Tuesday morning on Totten Road near Mark Avenue where on-road bollards were recently installed on the roadway. 

Morrison says he requested the on-road bollards after hearing from area residents.

"They talk about speeding vehicles in their neighbourhoods more than any other issue that I encounter," says Morrison.  "We need to make our roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists."  

He says the flex signs do work and more will be installed in the city.

"These signs narrow down the path of vehicles so people slow down," he says.  "They are proven to work." 

Morrison adds the installation of the flex signs on Totten Road cost about $6,000.

"At this location on Totten, we have two schools and a popular playground right beside us here," says Morrison.  Children run across the street to get to these and often are not aware of the traffic coming and the speed of cars and trucks.  This will be so much more safer for them."  


Recently installed on-road bollards on Totten Road in Windsor, October 11, 2022 (AM800 news)

Morrison says the city will also be installing on-road bollards on Northwood Street, Labelle Street, Parent Avenue and South Pacific Avenue.

The flex signs will be removed during the winter months for snow removal.

Both candidates also pledged to expand the available funding for traffic calming in the city's next capital plan to at least $2-million.

Morrison added he's a believer in the city's Vision Zero Action Plan.

In August, mayoral candidate Chris Holt said if elected, he would fast track elements of the Vision Zero Action Plan.