Transit Windsor Delays Fare Collection for One More Week


Transit Windsor is delaying fare collections for one more week.

Riders have been boarding from the rear of buses for free since the COVID-19 pandemic began in the spring, but Transit Windsor was set to resume front door access and fares Monday morning.

Executive Director Pat Delmore says a modification for the new barriers between drivers and users is needed. He says the issue was identified Friday.

"We have the fix in, however, we will not have enough buses with the barriers installed by Monday," he added.

He tells AM800 News the extra week will ensure there are enough buses on the road.

"To ensure the safety of the new barriers before we implement the front door boarding and the fare collections," he says. "We didn't want to have people questioning, do I go in the front, do I go in the back? We felt the best decision was to just delay it by one more week."

Transit Windsor will now resume fare collection and front door boarding on Oct. 26.

Buses will continue to run on the existing modified schedule until ridership increases to pre-pandemic levels.