Transit Windsor Getting Ready to Collect Fares Again


Transit Windsor will resume fare collection later this month.

Executive Director Pat Delmore says fares will be collected starting on Monday October 19.

He says front door boarding will also resume on the 19th.

Delmore says protective barriers are being installed on the buses for drivers safety.

"We're getting those in and they're starting to be installed now and we'll be in position to be able to resume front door boarding effective Monday October 19th," he says.

Delmore says passengers are being asked to follow a one-way flow, boarding the bus through the front and exiting through the rear doors.

"We will continue to maintain the seated capacity load," says Delmore.  "So we won't have standing loads.  There's still some provincial and municipal guidelines that we are following to ensure safety measures."     

Delmore says all seats will now be available on the 19th.

Front door boarding stopped roughly seven months ago.  Since that time, passengers have been using the rear door during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Transit Windsor will comtinue to operate its enhanced Saturday scheduled for the time being.

— With files from AM800's Kristylee Varley