Transit Windsor LaSalle Buses Wrapped In Hometown Flare


Transit Windsor buses in the town of LaSalle have a new town pride look to them.

The LaSalle Transit buses have been wrapped with images of the town to recognize them as their own.

"By us labeling these buses, by wrapping them with our hometown flare, we are able to recognize it as our own," says LaSalle Mayor Ken Antaya.

The service was launched in September 2017 and has provided 3,000 rides per month.

Antaya calls it a 'reasonable success' as it has exceeded the town's expectations.

"It's about living LaSalle," he says. "It is our promotion of the community, it is everything that we do in LaSalle how we are proud of it, how we respond to the community in relation to making sure we provide the services that they are looking for."


Image of LaSalle transit bus (Courtesy of the Town of LaSalle)

He says the new service has been embraced by a community with a population of 30,180.

"It has been embraced by the community. We are not receiving any complaints regarding the cost, we are not receiving any complaints regarding the actual buses traversing the streets."

The service costs the municipality $400,000 a year.