Transit Windsor Makes Changes to Prevent Spread of COVID-19


Transit Windsor is making adjustments to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

They include closing the downtown terminal, reducing schedules and limiting transit use to essential travel.

All passengers must also board at the back of the bus to limit interaction with staff — elderly passengers and those with other mobility issues are exempt from the new rule.

"As you can imagine, every passenger is boarding and touching that fare box so by boarding at the rear doors it's giving us the opportunity to get the passengers on and allow them to spread out throughout the bus and keep our operators safe as well," says Executive Director, Pat Delmore.

He says the new measures will help keep drivers on the road.

"[It] limits exposure to our staff to keep them healthy which is very much a part of what we want to ensure for our staff in keeping them healthy and safe.”

Transit is an essential service, Delmore adds, but residents need to ensure their trip is necessary.

"We're there for you if you're going to a doctor's appointment or you need to go get groceries, but we're asking the community to limit the use of transit to essential travel," he says.

The new rules and the closure of the downtown terminal are currently in effect and schedule changes are expected to be released this week and will continue until April 5.