Transit Windsor Negotiating to Bring Bus Service to Amherstburg


The wheels are in motion to bring public transit to Amherstburg.

The City of Windsor's Environment, Transportation and Public Safety Standing Committee has given the green light to Transit Windsor to officially begin negotiations with Amherstburg on providing service to the town.

Transit executive director Tyson Cragg says some behind the scenes work is already underway.

"We've had some preliminary discussions with the Town of Amherstburg with their administration and the costing proposals are what are being prepared as we speak," he says. "Amherstburg is going to be presented with various options for service. Once they're comfortable with what we propose, they can choose what level of service they want."

Cragg says it's another step toward a regional transit system.

"The transit master plan, part of the plan is the expansion of regional service and the intent is to broaden the reach of Transit Windsor. Not only does it provide benefits to the residents of the outlying municipalities, but it also provides additional ridership opportunities for Transit Windsor," he says.

Cragg says, if approved, the new service won't cost Windsor taxpayers any more money.

"The intent, like the other services we provide to LaSalle and to Leamington, would be on a full cost recovery basis so as not to impact rate payers in Windsor. Basically a pay as you go option similar to what we have with the other service routes." he says.

A report on the outcome of negotiations will be presented to the Transit Windsor Board of Directors and city council at a later date.

The cost of the initiative is not yet known as a financial analysis hasn't been completed.