Transit Windsor Service to Continue Until July 26


WINDSOR — Transit Windsor will continue to offer an  'enhanced Sunday service' only for the foreseeable future.

Following a meeting between city and transit officials on Wednesday, it was decided to maintain the current level of service until July 26, 2020.

Ridership remains low and has been reduced by about 85% since it resumed in early May due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Passengers will continue to board the bus from the back and ensure physical distancing requirements are followed.

Executive Director Pat Delmore says the level of service will match the demand.

"It seems to be holding its own right now," he says.  "We have looked at a number of things that include where we are at in the recovery in the pandemic and since we are still in Stage 1."

Fares will continue to be waived and passenger will board the bus at the back.

"Most municipalities are continuing to stay at the level of service that they have been providing, while working towards finding ways to move to the front door when we can start collecting fares again," says Delmore.

Delmore points to the example when storefronts were allowed to re-open, transit provided more buses on certain routes as demand increased.

Officials say they will continue to monitor the ridership levels in July to determine if it needs to be enhanced.