Transition to Betterness Annual Gala Called Off Due to COVID-19


A popular winter event has been cancelled.

Transition to Betterness (T2B) has announced its annual gala has been called off due to COVID-19.

"With all of the capacity restrictions in place, it's just not doable in any way venue-wise for any type of gathering," said Executive Director, Amber Hunter. "With limitations and things like that, at this point, it's not doable in any way, even virtually."

She says it was a difficult decision but with the current restrictions, T2B had no other options, telling AM800 News she and her team will now focus on the 2022 event which will be the gala's 25th anniversary.

"We're just encouraging everyone to be safe, to be at home," says Hunter. "Next year, we're going to be back bigger and better than ever. So we're hoping for that."

Despite the pandemic, Hunter says the organizations had stayed busy.

"We've been doing some great campaigns. We've been supporting our programs," she says. "We've been really getting some messaging out on our Facebook and our Instagram, but anyone who wants to support us and the programs that we run, we run 20-plus programs, and we're still supporting them in the hospital."

Even though the annual event has been cancelled, Hunter says T2B continues to accept donations for the services and programs it provides.

Most recently the gala has been held at the end of January inside the ballroom Caesars Windsor.


— With files from AM800's Rob Hindi