Trucker Faces Prison Term for Importing $3.9-million worth of cocaine


The crown and defence are far apart in sentencing submissions for a Kitchener man found guilty of importing a large amount of cocaine across the Ambassador Bridge.

Drago Knezevic, 59, was found guilty of importing $3.9-million worth of cocaine across the border.

He was also found guilty of possession for the purpose of trafficking.

Canada border officers referred him to secondary inspection and found two suitcases in the trailer of his truck containing 39 bricks of cocaine in June 2011.

In sentencing submissions heard in Superior Court Thursday morning, defence lawyer Ken Marley is asking for three to four years in prison arguing Knezevic has no criminal record, his failing health and there is no evidence that he was the operating mind behind this crime.

Prosecutor Richard Pollock is asking for 10 to 12 years pointing out that drug trafficking is a violent crime and this is about sending a message to other commercial truck drivers.

Knezevic was shipping a load of raspberries from California to Etobicoke and denied knowing about the drugs.

This was his second trial.  He was found not guilty during his first trial but the crown appealed.

Knezevic's health has been failing for the past year with heart-related issues.

Justice Christopher Bondy will hand down his sentence next week.