Trudeau Urged to Promise He Won't Call an Election During the Pandemic


A House of Commons committee is unanimously urging Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to make a promise.

It doesn't want him to call a federal election while the COVID-19 pandemic rages across Canada.

In a report by the procedure and House affairs committee, even Liberal members supported a recommendation calling for a no-election commitment.

The exception would if Trudeau's minority Liberal government is defeated on a confidence vote.

The committee makes no similar call for opposition parties to promise not to trigger an election during the pandemic by voting non-confidence in the government.

However, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has vowed his party won't vote to bring the government during COVID-19.

Trudeau has repeatedly insisted he has no interest in forcing an election, but opposition parties remain suspicious.

The Conservatives say in a supplement to the committee's report that the Liberal government has indicated its desire to send Canadians to the polls at whatever time they deem to be most advantageous for the prime minister.