Trustee Urging Community Groups To Take Advantage Of Funding


A trustee with the Greater Essex County District School Board is calling on community groups and agencies to take advantage of some available government funding.

Jessica Sartori says $856,000 made available in October of last year remains untouched.

The government funding can be used for community hubs in local schools, but if a plan isn't put into place, the money disappears.

Sartori says this would have a major impact on the problem of empty student spaces. "I hope I'm not exaggerating to say if we could save the closing of a school with this money, then we've got to go for it and we really need to hustle. We only have until the end of the next year to be able to spend the money, so let's get it done."

"There's a long list of opportunities that should be explored," says Sartori. "We can bring services into a community that doesn't already have it. I think we're hearing a lot about student mental health. We've had a lot of newcomers across the school board, if we can do some joint programming."

The deadline to access the money is the end of the 2017-18 school year.

Sartori has requested that board administration create a list of schools in the system which could be eligible for the funding.