TWEPI and BB Branded Unveil New T-Shirt to Support WE COVID Cares Coalition


A Windsor branded t-shirt is now available for purchase and funds will support the United Way's WE COVID Cares Coalition.

Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island (TWEPI) and BB Branded have joined forces to create a shirt with the WinCity line and TWEPI’s YQG Stands Strong campaign.

TWEPI CEO Gordon Orr says there are multiple positives that will come out of the campaign.

"It furthers our strategy to make sure that everyone knows that YQG, is of course the regional code for the airport, YQG Stands Strong and we stand together," says Orr.  "This campaign certainly helps instill a sense of pride in the community."

He says back in March, TWEPI launched its social campaign and over the last few weeks, BB Branded reached out to incorporate the two together with funds benefiting United Way.

"BB Branded has taken it up on themselves to make sure that $5 from every t-shirt purchased actually goes to the United Way WE Cares Coalition," says Orr.  "So we're very excited about the fact that not only can you buy a shirt and wear it with pride but at the same the time you're helping a small business, you're helping further a campaign."

Shirts are now available on the YQG Stand Strong website.