Twins Placed in Separate Classes a Concern During Pandemic


An advocacy group for parents with multiple births is concerned with class placements for kids heading back-to-school.

Carol Deck with Parents of Multiples Birth Association of Windsor Essex, says families with twins and triplets have been reporting their kids have been placed in separate classes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Deck says schools typically split-up identical siblings, but under the current circumstances it's problematic for families.

"Twins and triplets would thrive in a situation in separate classes, but in this day and age we need to have them together so we can minimize the close contacts that they have," she says.

Deck says she's reached out to school boards across Essex County on the issue.

"I'm hoping by continuing to contact the school boards, that maybe they'll get back to us and let us know what their opinion is on this," she says. "I've also reached out to the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit to see if they would be willing to put a recommendation in."

Deck says putting the kids in the same class is a small thing that can make a big difference for families in a tough situation.

"This is a very different time and we need to make different choices for our children. There are a lot of hard things that are happening right now and I think this is one thing that can make things a little bit easier," she added.

Deck says the organization represents more than 40 families in Windsor-Essex with multiple births, but there are far more out there that may not be involved with the group.


With files from Rob Hindi