U of W Criminology Association Supporting Detroit Bail Out Project


The University of Windsor Criminology Association is looking to help protesters in Detroit who are trying to make a change in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Association Co-President Meighan Coulter has set up a GoFundMe Page to support the Detroit Bail Out Project that is raising funds to help bail out people in the Detroit area who are legitimately protesting.

Speaking on AM800's the Dan MacDonald Show, Page Organizer Meighan Coulter says this movement affects them.

"Because we are all criminology students we will be part of this in the future, whether we are lawyers, police officers, working inside penitentiaries," she says.

"Essentially $500 per bail out, and it is in support of getting these people out there so they can continue to protest and hopefully we can make a change in the end of it all."

Coulter also says the funds are used for people who are legitimately protesting for the cause.

"Obviously, if they are destroying buildings and stepping over the line in fighting people and combating I understand, but there are those people who are out there to get heard and they are being arrested for just being there."

All proceeds will go to non-profit law firm, Detroit Justice Centre.