U Windsor Rainbow Crosswalks Installed to Support Inclusivity


Two rainbow crosswalks are now proudly on display on campus at the University of Windsor.

The permanent pride crosswalks are located beside the Welcome Centre and in front of the CAW Student Centre, connecting the Education Gym and Dillon Hall, and include the six colours of the Pride flag along with stripes of brown and black.

Student organizer Noelle Dupret Smith says the two locations were chosen for a reason.

"First, the Welcome Centre is right but not only the Ambassador Bridge but a main entrance where everyone either has to enter to get to the parking garage or to leave campus and then by Dillon hall there's one and that's just to remind students on campus, the University of Windsor's commitment to supporting everyone."

Dupret Smith calls the crosswalks a step towards something larger.

"I think it will create conversation on campus for the university as well as other activists on campus to want to think of larger projects we can do to make it a more inclusive space," she says. "As one of my professors says, we can't call places safe spaces until we can guarantee that everywhere on campus can be safe," Dupred Smith adds. "So until then, we can call it a brave space but we really have to encourage conversation to welcome inclusivity."

The cost of the crosswalks was approximately $30,000 and was paid for through several campus partners, including the Student's Alliance, the Graduate Students Society, and the Office of Human Rights, Equity and Accessibility.