Unifor Ratifies Deals with Remaining 'Feeder Four Plants'


Unifor Local 444  ratified new deals with the remaining "Feeder Four Plants" Saturday.

Workers at ZF/TRW ratified a new, three-year contract last weekend that set the patterns for Avancez, Dakkota and HBPO.

Union President Dave Cassidy says financial gains for all four plants are the same under the pattern, but workplace conditions varied within each contract.

"I hear it so many times, 'how tough can that be,'" he says. "I would ask anyone who would like to step up and chase the line for eight hours to feel free and try it out, because it's not an easy job."

Members had voted 99 per cent in favour of strike action if a deal wasn't reached. Cassidy says that motivated both sides to get a fair deal in place.

"Nobody wants to shut down Stellantis, the big house," he says. "Once we got through our issues and took a little more time on ZF/TRW to set the pattern people understood and they wanted to make sure that they kept supplying for the company."

All four contracts include a 7.3 per cent wage increase over the length of the contract with a $2,750 performance bonus and a $1,500 Christmas bonus.

The parts manufacturers supply Windsor Assembly Plant.