UPDATE: 3 Arrests Made in Relation to Alleged Assault of Windsor Boy


Three people have been arrested in connection to an assault on a boy at a Windsor park. 

As you heard on AM800 news earlier this week, the attack was captured on video and shared on social media. It showed a youth being punched and kicked by three other teenage boys at Superior Park off Totten Street on the city's west end.

Windsor Police Service's Major Crime Branch has determined there was a second similar incident involving the same victim that was also captured on video and shared online. 

"It turned out there had been more than one occasion that the same victim had been victimized and the good news is that victim is getting some assistants, there were no serious injuries," says Sgt. Steve Betteridge. 

Betteridge goes on to say the three youths were arrested Thursday.

"We've identified three young offenders that have been arrested and are facing a number of charges in relation to it, all in and around the type of charges such as assault," says Betteridge.  "They're facing a number of different charges some of them slightly different charges because some of them did different actions."    

He says witnesses saw one of the young offenders in possession of a weapon they used to scare people away from intervening.

"Witnesses did indicate that they believed one of the offenders was in position of a weapon," says Betteridge.  "So that is part of the investigation, part of some of the charges that have been laid and that process will now move through the court system."   

Police say three youths were arrested on Thursday for the initial incident and are facing charges of assault and two of the suspects were also involved in the second attack. 

One youth is facing an additional charge of carrying a weapon while committing an assault.

Due to the fact that all the accused are young offenders, they cannot be identified under the provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

The Major Crimes Branch continues to investigate and is encouraging witnesses to contact police.

— with files from AM800's Gord Bacon and Rob Hindi.