UPDATE: Drumming Legend Neil Peart Dead at 67


A Canadian and international rock legend is dead at 67.

Neil Peart joined Rush back in 1974 and became the drummer and primary lyricist for the band as they topped charts throughout the world with their progressive rock style.

According to statement from the band, Peart succumbed to a long battle with brain cancer on Jan. 7.

Peart was known as one of the most technically proficient drummers in the world, mixing jazz and big band styles into many hard rock classics.

He's the fourth best drummer in history according to Rolling Stone Magazine, but Tea Party Drummer Jeff Burrows says he was more than that.

"There's not much more that anyone has ever been able to offer in the world of music," he says. "You're the greatest rock-n-roll drummers of the last three decades and you penned some of the most amazing lyrics and beyond that writing five plus books."

The Windsor native tells AM800 News Peart showed drummers they could do more than just keep a beat.

"Consider not being a conformist, not being just the back bone, not being just the two's and the fours and the down beats and the up beats. Neil made it possible," added Burrows.

Burrows says Peart helped put Rush on the musical map. 

"Of course they're Canadian icons, but their majesty is that of your Pink Floyd's, your Led Zeppelin's', your Rolling Stones, even the Beatles dare I say in many parts and many genres," he says. 

Burrows, speaking to AM800 News via phone from Mexico, says he struck up a friendship with Peart more than a decade ago and looked forward to popping in on the band at concerts around the world.

He says Peart will be dearly missed by the music world, his bandmates, and family.