UPDATE: Essex County Councillors Express Concerns Why School Buses Were Running

School buses in snow

Anger over the fact the school buses were not cancelled Wednesday morning across Windsor and Essex County.

Amherstburg town councillor Rick Fryer and LaSalle councillor Crystal Meloche want to know why buses were running despite snow covered and slippery roads across the area.

Fryer tells AM800 News the decisions that are being made are ridiculous. "The driver safety and our kids safety comes first and whoever is making the decisions needs to be accountable on making these decisions. They need to be accountable if something happens to our kids or the school bus driver."

"With weather like this and the decisions being made, I'm going to ask in our council meeting on Monday who's making the decision so those individuals can be sought out, because the decisions being made are ridiculous," says Fryer.

"It's public safety, it's the kids safety, it's the drivers safety," says Fryer. "Ultimately if there's an accident they're going to say it's the drivers fault for going out in the weather like this when they're being mandated by the school boards to drive our kids to school."

Speaking on AM800's the Lynn Martin Show, Councillor Crystal Meloche says some serious questions need to be asked.

She drove her child to school at 7:15am and was shocked that buses were operating.

"If LaSalle is like this, what is the county like further out where it is harder to get those plows out there early in the morning," she questioned.  "Again, I can't agree more (with Councillor Fryer), we need to ask some questions and find out what the protocol is."

She says you don't have to look far to see another school bus system which appeared to work better. 

"We look at the states being obviously so close to Detroit. Last night, you could watch the news and see all these school closures coming up and bus cancellations, our is done at 6:30 in the morning which one, can be a little late for some parents."

--With files from AM800's Teresinha Medeiros