UPDATE: Labour Board Orders Unifor to Stop Nemak Blockade


The Ontario Labour Relations Board is telling Unifor to cease and desist its barricade at the Nemak plant in west Windsor.

A hearing took place on Wednesday in Toronto over the blockade at the plant.

Unifor Local 200 President John D'Agnolo says the union is disappointed with the ruling but his members aren't going anywhere.

"We are going to continue to protest the fact that Nemak is taking that work out of Windsor and bringing it to Mexico," says D'Agnolo.   

D'Agnolo says he had a feeling this ruling might happen.

"We were hoping that they would tell them, you need to go back to the table and discuss this with Unifor and hopefully we can come to a resolve and get the people back to work but unfortunately they've made the decision on cease and desist and right now we are not going to do that," says D'Agnolo.    

D'Agnolo says the membership is aware the protest will continue.

"We let them know, they are supportive, obviously disappointed but they will continue to protest to save their jobs," says D'Agnolo.

Nemak filed an application to end the blockade by workers, who first set up the protest on Labour Day Monday.

The Mexican-owned aluminium casting plant builds engine blocks for General Motors.

In a release, Nemak says it plans to resume production at the plant at 11pm on Wednesday.

There are 270 people that work at the plant