UPDATE: Local Medical Officer of Health Now Recommends Cloth Masks in Public


Windsor's Medical Officer of Health is now recommending residents wear a cloth mask if they can't ensure physical distancing while outside.

Dr. Wajid Ahmed made the statement during the local health unit's Thursday morning COVID-19 update, where another six new cases have been confirmed. It brings the total number of COVID-19 cases in Windsor-Essex to 751 with a total of 62 deaths.

"Wearing a cloth mask reduces the likelihood of you spreading the respiratory droplets to others.  In other words, it can protect others from your germs, a cloth mask does not protect you from germs of others," says Dr. Ahmed.

He says as more people venture outside, a cloth mask can be an extra layer of protection for others, but he stresses, it does not protect the wearer from germs of others.

He points out people should avoid adjusting the mask while wearing it and it should cover the nose and mouth.

"Do not touch or adjust your mask while wearing it, remove using the ear loops or straps and try to avoid touching the front of the mask," says Dr. Ahmed.

When it’s time to take off the mask, Dr. Ahmed recommends using the ear loops to remove it then place it in the washing machine to be washed in hot water.

In the past, Dr. Ahmed said the masks can give a false sense of security but he notes as more people are going outside, it is important to take extra precautions. He adds that children under the age of two should not wear a mask.