UPDATE: Police Investigate Hate Crime in Windsor, Tecumseh


Windsor police are treating a number of incidents of graffiti in the city's eastend as a hate crime.

On Monday, September 2nd, around 8:30am, officers responded to a complaint of property damage around Little River Acres Drive at Riverdale Ave.

There were a number of locations along the trail that had been vandalized with black spray paint.

All the damage was on city owned property and contained wording and symbols which caused the case to be classified as a hate crime.

Investigators believe the crime was committed overnight from September 1st to September 2nd.

Fred Francis is the Director of Programs and Development for the local Multicultural Council.

He says hate has no place in the City of Windsor.

"We're a very welcoming city," says Francis.  "We're a city that welcomes immigrants, welcomes people from all parts of the world and they've come here and built successful businesses, they established successful lives and they've raised their children Canadian."      


Graffiti spray painted on a city trail map (Photo courtesy: Chris McNamara)

Francis calls it disappointing.

"Anytime you see anything disparaging, anything hateful obviously we condemn that strongly, I don't think hate has any place in the City of Windsor and I know a vast majority of the city's residents feel the same way," says Francis.

As heard on AM800 news last Wednesday, Windsor police are investigating a hate crime after a white Cadillac SUV was vandalized and was spray painted with a racist message.

The Town of Tecumseh is also looking for some help to stop a number of incidents of graffiti throughout the town.

Over the past month and most recently on Monday, September 2nd from 4:30 p.m. to overnight at Lacasse Park, someone spray painted swastikas and other phrases on facility park walls, benches, on the sidewalks and on picnic tables.

It's in addition to other reports of vandalism in Southfield Park, AV Graham School and at several pump stations.

"We have zero tolerance for this disgusting behaviour and it needs to stop," says Tecumseh Mayor Gary McNamara.

McNamara says it not only cost taxpayers to clean and repairs it, but it is offensive.

The town and the OPP are urging anyone who spots any suspicious activity to call 911 to report vandalism and hate crimes.


Hateful graffiti spray painted on a trail near the WFCU Centre (Photo courtesy: Chris McNamara)