UPDATE: Province Offers Child Care Subsidy during Teachers' Strike Action


The province is offering parents some help for those affected by rotating teacher's strike action.

Minister of Education Stephen Lecce, has announce the government's plan to offer parents up to $60 a day for child care costs if strikes close schools or school-based child care centres.

Teachers from different unions have been taking part in one-day strikes to back contract demands.

It has resulted in school closures for the day, impacting child care centres located inside the school.

"My hope is that this will provide some relief for families for every child within our schools, that is a positive proactive step forward, but I will say to you, it is with regret that I am even in this position today to make an announcement of this type," said Minister Lecce.

Families will receive between $25 to $60 a day depending on the child.

"It is for every child," said Minister Lecce.  "So children for families who have two or three or four children, that expense is for each and every child. It is a recognition of the costs that are being imposed on families by teacher unions and it is an incremental step to put some money back in their pockets."

The funding will be retroactive for parents who qualify.

Details can be found at Ontario/ca/SupportForParents or by calling a helpline at 1-888-444-3770.

President of the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario Sam Hammond estimates the move will cost the province between $48-million to $50-million. 

"The minister of education in this province blatantly, in a very transparent way, is trying to bribe parents to get their support in this on-going battle," he says. 

The move comes as the union representing Ontario's elementary teacher says it will hold a one-day strike at three school boards on Monday — not in Windsor-Essex.

Catholic teachers across the province are set to take part in a one-day strike on Tuesday, January 21st.