UPDATE: Schools Will Remain Closed for In-Person Learning


Students in Windsor-Essex will not be returning to the classroom until January 23.

"Windsor-Essex students and anyone who is going to school in Windsor-Essex, we are asking them to switch to online learning until at least January 23," said Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Wajid Ahmed.

Speaking on Thursday morning, Dr. Ahmed said he is recommending that schools remain closed to in-person learning for the remainder of the provincial lockdown, adding that health unit staff will review the data again closer to January 23.

"And then to make another informed decision, but at this time what we are seeing is not giving us the comfort to say that it's okay to continue on with the in-person learning at this time," he says.

Dr. Wajid Ahmed says he is waiting for approval from the province on the recommendation and if that doesn't come, he will put an order in place, himself.

"But if it comes to make that local recommendation, I've already made that and I will move forward with an issuance of an order if needed," he says. "So bottom line is, for Monday, whether the province does it or I do it, it will be an online learning model for our community."

On Thursday, the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit reported 199 new COVID-19 cases along with three additional deaths linked to the virus.


— With files form AM800's Rob Hindi