UPDATE: Talks Between Unifor, Nemak End

Workers at the blockade in front of the Nemak plant in Windsor, Ont., on Monday, Sept. 9, 2019. (Michelle Maluske / CTV Windsor)

Talks between Nemak and Unifor have ended with no resolution. 

The two sides have been meeting since Wednesday trying to settle issues surrounding the company's planned closure of the plant.  

According to Unifor Local Local 200 President John D'Agnolo, no progress has been made over the past two days. 

"That's why we stopped the talks early," he says. "We were suppose to talk again today, but it looked like after having the discussions late yesterday [Thursday} that no one was going to change their minds."

The union argues the company is in violation of the collective agreement  with a decision to shut down operations in June of 2020 and move production to Mexico.  

Workers had agreed to a wage freeze to secure the future of the plant into 2022.

D'Agnolo admits he was hoping for a different outcome during these talks. 

"You always have hope, we have been in bargaining quite a few times and there are times when there are things that you think you would never get, you end up getting and I was hoping to get a resolve without going to arbitration but unfortunately that didn't happen."

D'Agnolo says the issue now moves to arbitration which he feels the union has a very good case, "so I think we will win the decision."

"The workers sacrificed their wages to keep that work here in Windsor and I'm hoping the arbitrator sees it that way."

The dispute resulted in a two week blockade at the plant in September before both sides agreed to talks.

The dispute now goes to third-party arbitration set for October 15 and 16.  

D'Agnolo says after the arbitration hearing, the decision is expected in November.

Both sides have agreed to abide by whatever ruling is handed down. 

Friday afternoon, Nemak released a statement saying it "firmly believes that it is in full compliance of the Collective Agreement between Nemak and Unifor and is focused on how best to move forward."

It says it continued to express the desire and intent to offer 'our people a fair transition package.'