UPDATE: Tecumseh Top 10 in Best Communities in Canada


A MacLean's Magazine ranking of the best communities in Canada lists Tecumseh as one of the best.

The ranking was compiled by using a number of factor such as the economy, affordability, taxes and demographics.

Tecumseh was number 10 overall and ranked high in low crime, good weather and health while also being ranked third in the country for affordable real estate.

Tecumseh Mayor Gary McNamara says the town is a very diverse community in terms of what it can offer.

"We are very fortunate to live in an area in the country where weather is pretty good, we are close to a lot of amenities, big city amenities and you talk about the affordability piece and that's the beauty. I think that's the thing I think is key for us is that we have big city living at small town prices," says McNamara.

The Mayor tells AM800 News Tecumseh offers big city living at small town prices.

"it is not a very large region but we have access to anything that Toronto would ever want from professional sports, to great centres of excellence in terms of our university and college, great schools systems, safe communities in general."

McNamara adds the town has access to anything Toronto would ever want including professional sports, a university and a college along with safety.

"They want to have access to good schools, they want access to great parks, a good quality of life pieces, jobs and we have got all that right here in a nice neat little package," says McNamara. 

The Town of LaSalle came in at 16 on the overall list and was also ranked the second best community for families.

Essex was 65 while Windsor came in at 125 out 415 communities in the country.