UPDATE: The Best Deal in 20 to 25 Years: Jerry Dias on FCA Agreement


Between $1.35-billion and $1.5-billion will be invested into the Windsor Assembly Plant as part of a new three year collective agreement.

In a news conference heard Live on AM800, just hours after a tentative deal was reached with FCA, Unifor National President Jerry Dias said the agreement will stabilize the Windsor operation for the long-term.

"You see our concern in this set of bargaining was with Windsor. We were concerned because over 1,500 of our members lost their job with the elimination of the third shift this summer," he says. "So as a result of restructuring, as we sit here today, we still have 425 of our members on layoff in Windsor."

As part of the new agreement, Dias says there will also be new product introduced in Windsor.

"We will now have two platforms, one platform that will run the Pacifica and the Voyageur and another platform that will launch in 2024 with at least one vehicle that will build plug in hybrid vehicles or battery electric vehicles."

According to Dias, the new investment will add thousands more jobs at the Windsor Assembly Plant, which includes the 425 that are currently laid off.

"This is I will argue a home run for the community of Windsor," he says. "Because we know with this investment and as vehicles start to roll off the assembly line in 2024, that our third shift will be back and we expect the total jobs will rise to over 2,000 more in the community of Windsor than exist today."

Dias calls this the best deal in 20-25 years and said Windsor is the backbone of FCA.