UPDATE: Tornado Watch Ends for Windsor-Essex


Friday's beautiful weather will come at a price, according to Environment Canada Meteorologist Gerald Cheng.

A severe thunderstorm was issued for Windsor-Essex, the result of a cold front hitting an unseasonal 30C with the humidex in Southwestern Ontario.

That warning was lifted around 6 p.m., but the potential for severe weather could hang around until around 12 a.m. Saturday. Cheng tells The Afternoon News that cold front could produce some wild weather with 90 km/h wind gusts and torrential downpours.

"This air mass that's sitting over Southwestern Ontario and parts of Michigan right now and the cold front is approaching and that's why we will see thunderstorms develop later today," he added.

Cheng says leaves are still clinging onto the trees in late October.

"You could imagine 90 km/h wind gusts could really have a significant dragging force on those trees and bring them down," he says. "That's something to keep in mind, power lines could be knocked out with these high wind speeds."

He says temperatures will come "crashing down" tonight.

"That's when the cold front is slicing through and of course as we head into midnight things will die down by then and temperatures will come crashing down as well," he added.

Temperatures will return to seasonal overnight with a low of 4C with a daytime high of 9C Saturday.