UPDATE: Windsor Assembly Plant to Shut Down for a Month


A shortage of microchips has caused another shutdown at Windsor Assembly Plant.

The plant will be shut down for a month starting Monday, according to Unifor Local 444 President Dave Cassidy.

Windsor Assembly Plant already endured a three week shut down on Feb. 8 due to a worldwide shortage of semiconductors, which are used to make microchips.

Cassidy received the news production is being stopped by the same issue again Thursday night.

"It's pretty frustrating when it continues to effect all auto-manufacturing, it's not just here at Windsor Assembly Plant," he says. "There's down time in Brampton, it's over in the U.S. plants."

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to show the need for Canadian manufacturing, according to Cassidy.

"It's all about supply and demand. I can remember Chrysler used to produce many of its own parts and stockpile them for months. I can tell you the Just in Time (JIT) delivery has cost us untold money," he says. "You can't go over to China to save nickel, sometimes you have to spend that dime in order to manufacture things so you're not handcuffed like this."

He says microchips are predominantly made in East Asia and are a major component in modern vehicles.

Automotive manufacturers compete for the parts with the makers of phones, gaming consoles and thousands of electronically operated devices.