UPDATE: Windsor Police Attend Nemak Barricade


The blockade continues at the Nemak Plant despite Windsor police visiting the site Friday morning.

Unifor Local 200 President John D'Agnolo says he spoke with officers and they advised him to keep the peace.

He says the union has every intention to keep the protest peaceful and has advised all members and supporters.

"We had a discussion with the membership itself," says D'Agnolo.  "We talked about, all it takes is one person and it could get out of control so we'll continue to protest this action the company has put up on us."  

D'Agnolo says he told police, the union will always make sure the plant is ready to go just in case the company calls and wants to return to the table.

"We told them we'd be working with them," says D'Agnolo.  "We talked a lot about, on the site what we've done as far as keeping that plant open because there's a lot of things that can happen in a foundry.  So we have people that are going with the security guards inspecting everything."     

Sergeant Steve Betteridge says it's all about community safety. 

"In the big picture. Everyone understands nothing trumps safety."

Betteridge says police have been having tremendous communication with both the union and company and police remain neutral in situations like these.

"We definitely do not take sides, that's not our job," he says.  "Again our job is to community safety so if there are laws that require immediate enforcement, then the police would step in."

Betteridge notes there have been some high profile picket lines in the city in the past and people know what to expect.

As heard on AM800 news, a Windsor judge ordered the union to comply with a cease and desist order on Thursday.

The order was originally issued by the Ontario Labour Relations Board on Wednesday.

The blockade started on Monday, in response to the Mexican-owned company's plan to stop production in mid-2020, instead of 2022 as is outlined in the latest collective agreement.

- with files from AM800's Teresinha Medeiros