UWindsor Introduces New COVID-19 Feature on Lancer App


The University of Windsor has introduced a new feature within its Safe Lancer App.

Chair of the Return to Campus Working Group Jennie Atkins says the new feature allows students, staff and faculty to do a quick COVID-19 daily health assessment on themselves.

She says they will be answering four yes or no questions on their mobile devices instead of filling out a paper questionnaire.

"Individuals are asked to go through the screening questions and they will receive either an approved green QR code that indicates that they're able to access campus or they would receive a denied red QR badge that would indicate that they should stay home and take care of themselves," says Atkins.       

She says a daily self assessment needs before returning to campus.

"Part of our screening, we're also going to be having health screeners on campus that are going to be some of our fourth year nursing students," says Atkins.  "So they're the ones going to be circulating around campus doing random checks for individuals to showcase and demonstrate that they completed their self assessment."        

Atkins says there are different options available for students or staff who do not have a mobile device.

"If students or faculty or staff don't have a mobile device, we also have a PDF fillable form and printable forms that are available for download," says Atkins.   

The university says it has spent $1.7 million on new technology and support for online learning. 

Back in May, the university announced most of its fall classes will be offered online. 

The university says roughly 175 students will have in-person classes and 100 more will be working in research labs. 

210 students will be living in residence during the fall semester which begins next week.