UWindsor Launching First Ever Class Action Clinic


The University of Windsor is launching a first-of-its-kind program in North America.

Windsor Law has opened the Class Action Clinic aimed at helping those involved in class action lawsuits.

Associate professor and clinic director, Jasminka Kalajdzic says class actions can be quite complicated.

"Class actions are really big, complex pieces of litigation. The lawyers representing the class can't possibly serve hundreds, thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of class members and yet, because it is complex, people need advice, they need help," she says.

Kalajdzic says there's a gap in service that needs to be filled.

"Certainly, many people need help figuring out how to make a claim once a class action has been settled," she says. "So at all points along the way, there is unmet need for information and general advice and that's the gap we hope to fill."

Along with one-on-one service, Kalajdzic says the clinic will provide law students will real world experience.

"So far, we have two law students. That compliment will probably increase to four starting in January. We're also soon to hire review counsel. So a lawyer who has extensive class action experience who will directly supervise the law students," she says.

The new Class Action Clinic is located at Windsor Hall on Ferry St. and will be providing service free of charge.

Kalajdzic says they're also hoping to establish an online presence to be able to serve clients from across Canada.

Funding to get the centre up and running was provided by The Law Foundation of Ontario.


With files from Teresinha Medeiros