Vandalism at Vollmer Centre disappoints LaSalle Mayor


The mayor of LaSalle is disappointed after learning about some vandalism at the Vollmer Centre.

Marc Bondy says the water fountain/bottle refilling station at the centre's soccer building was damaged.

He says it was partially taken off the wall and adds porta-johns at the site were also tipped over. 

Bondy says the town is not sure when the vandalism occurred, but believes it happened last weekend.

"Don't know who, what, I think they're still looking into if they have cameras around they can try and identify who was there."   

Bondy says repairs are being made.

"It takes time and obviously money because if they're doing repairs, they're not doing maintenance and usually when things like this occur, there's always discussions surrounding should we put a camera high up and then we can track them," Bondy said.

He says the vandalism is costly.

"Sadly people don't realize it, but if they are from within LaSalle then our budget goes up because we have to do more repairs."

The town is asking anyone with information to call police or Crime Stoppers.

Last month, Tecumseh shutdown its washroom facilities at Optimist Park because of vandalism.