Vandals Deface Black and French History Murals in Sandwich Town


Murals honouring Sandwich Town's Black and French history have been defaced by vandals.

Ward 2 Councillor Fabio Costante says he was notified that the mural at Patterson Park and across the street on the corner of Sandwich and Detroit Street had been tagged with spray paint Friday.

One of the photos posted to Costante's Facebook page shows a blue spot painted over the face of Howard Watkins, who was the nation's second African-Canadian detective.

Costante says it's the latest in a string of vandalism that will cost thousands of dollars to repair, but will also carry an emotional toll.

"Partly frustration and anger, but also a bit of sadness. This is something that is totally unacceptable and something that we should never have to encounter as a community," he says. "I don't know why people feel the need to demonstrate whatever they need to demonstrate in this way."

He says city staff came down to try and remove the spray paint, but it can't be done without causing more damage to the mural.

The city will be reaching out to the original artist for help, according to Costante.

"To determine if they can maybe touch it up and fix some of the things that were tagged and also look at some forms of protection as we move forward to avoid this in the future," he added.

Costante has reached out to Windsor Police Service and says they're investigating the incident.

The federal government recently pledge to replace a plaque honouring Mary and Henry Bibb at Sandwich Town's Mary E. Bibb Park that was stolen in March.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Windsor police or Crime Stoppers anonymously.