Vehicle hit by Zamboni behind WFCU Centre

Photo of the WFCU Centre

A Zamboni crashed into a vehicle in the parking lot behind the WFCU Centre in an apparent ‘joyriding incident’, according to the city.

There was no damage to the Zamboni, however city officials say the Zamboni did hit a vehicle over the weekend at the back of the building outside.

“The car it was banged into was a wrecked car from a monster truck rally, not someone’s car,” said senior manager of communications Jason Moore. “Looks like a joy riding incident but we’re letting Windsor Police know just to be safe.”

Windsor Spitfires media coordinator Nick Welsh said they also heard about the incident. He said the Zamboni crashed into smashed-up cars from the monster truck event. He said it was not anyone from the Spitfires organization.

It is unknown who was driving the Zamboni.