Vehicle Tires Slashed in Walkerville


WINDSOR —Several residents in Walkerville woke up Saturday to find the tires on their vehicles slashed.

Maryann, who didn't want her last name released,  had to pick up a few groceries she had ordered and when she started to drive, she noticed she had a flat tire.

When she parked, she noticed several other vehicles had their tires slashed in the 800 and 900 blocks of Gladstone, Lincoln and Niagara Streets.

"Our street was just filled with people coming out and noticing their car tires were slashed," she told listeners on AM800's the Dan MacDonald Show.  "There was an elderly couple on a fixed budget and they are afraid to go outside with everything going on with the coronavirus."

Police say the main area targeted appears to be from Cataraqui Street to Erie Street East and Gladstone Avenue to Lincoln Road. 

"It is just sad seeing all my neighbours come out on Saturday and they seem so broken," Maryann adds.  "With everything going on and then to find their tires slashed, some people had multiple tires slashed or all their tires."

She says it cost her $200 to fix her tires, but she points out a lot of people have lost their jobs and they can't afford to fix it.