Vets Cab Drivers Support New Collective Agreement


Drivers at Vets Cab in Windsor have voted 90 per cent in favour of a new collective agreement.

The drivers are represented by Unifor Local 195 and president Emile Nabbout says it's a four year deal.

He says a highlight of the agreement is a "rate freeze" on drivers fees.

"That's a significant improvement," he says.  "I'm glad the employer had acknowledged the hard work and the service our drivers were doing throughout this pandemic." 

Nabbout says it's the first time a rate freeze has been negotiated.

"Achieving zero rate increase in four years, it's unheard of and we are pleased that the employer acknowledged the risks that our members have been faced throughout this pandemic to service the community and the people who need to use that service from Vets Cab," says Nabbout.  "Something we have never achieved in the past, it's no increases what so ever throughout this agreement for the next four years and that way it gives us stability to our members, to rebound from this terrible pandemic."  

The union and the company reached a tentative agreement last month.

Unifor Local 195 represents roughly 300 drivers.