VIDEO: Amherstburg Police Service Indifferent On WPS Investigation


Moving forward, nothing changes when it comes to Amherstburg Police Service contracting out the town's police service to Windsor.
As you’ve heard on AM800 News, the town and police services board were recently notified of an Ontario Civilian Police Commission  investigation into the Windsor Police Service.

The commission says between January and April of this year it received complaints from members of WPS that raised serious concerns about the workplace environment, the administration, and the oversight provided by the Windsor Police Services Board.
Bob Rozankovic, Chair of the Amherstburg Police Services Board says the board met, simply because they were addressed on the notification letter from the OCPC.

He says a formal motion was passed to send a letter to the commission stating that the correspondence was received and the board has nothing more to say.
“Just because someone makes allegations, doesn’t mean that they’re real. You don’t know what axe to grind some people may or may not have. We don’t have the details and that’s why I didn’t allow the Windsor Police Service to be painted in any kind of bad light," he says. "There’s no reason for it, there’s always some employee unhappy within a system – that’s all.”
Rozankovic says people need to consider that  it was somewhere between two and five employees out of hundreds, at WPS, who complained.
“That’s a very low percentage, very, very low percentage of unhappy employees. Their unhappiness may be very real and may be serious, I don’t know and it’s not for me to judge," he says.

Rosankovic says nothing changes moving forward.

“We keep doing our job, we keep providing oversight on the Amherstburg Police Service. We made sure they are well taken care of in the switch over of badging," he added. "Council has decided to go down a certain track and we’ve made sure that they are taken care of.”

Prior to the meeting of the Amherstburg Police Services Board, there was a public meeting of council on the same matter. Council also unanimously decided to send notice to the OCPC that it too received the notification and has nothing more to say.

As part of the separate matter of the WPS taking over duties in the Town of Amherstburg, a public meeting will be held on June 26 with the OCPC in Amherstburg.