VIDEO: Barstool Sports founder reviews Windsor style pizza


The founder of Barstool Sports visited Toronto recently and checked out a number of pizzerias including Ambassador Pizza Co.

Ambassador Pizza Co. was opened in early 2021 by two former Windsor residents.

Chef Rene Chauvin and chef Gaetano Pugliese wanted to bring Windsor style pizza to Toronto.

Pugliese says Portnoy's visit was a great opportunity for their pizzeria and they explained to him the difference of Windsor style pizza.

"When he did come by, we kind of gave him the low down of the Galati Cheese being the most important thing on our Windsor style pizza right," says Pugliese.    

He says they told him about shaved pepperoni and canned mushrooms on Windsor style pizza.

"He was really intrigued on the pepperoni unfortunately I don't think he does eat pepperoni but that's ok," says Pugliese.  "We pulled out a really great product and we're very happy with it."

He says business has already picked up since the review.

"It's the first Windsor pizza he's ever had and he is definitely partial to Brooklyn and New York style pizza," says Pugliese.  "So I think we did really well.  Anything over a 7 for this guy is pretty great."  

The review was posted on different social media pages on Monday.

Portnoy does pizza reviews across the United States.

His catchphrase is "one bite everybody knows the rules."

Portnoy gave Ambassador Pizza Co. a score of 7.3. out of 10.