VIDEO: Basement Flooding Can Impact Long-Term Mental Health Says Study


A new study looking at basement flooding found there is a long-term impact on mental health.

The study was done by the University of Waterloo's Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation and co-author Blair Feltmate says about 50% of people rank themselves as highly stressed every time it rains.

The study, called "After the Flood - The Impact of Climate Change on Mental Health and Lost Time from Work", surveyed homeowners three years after a major storm impacted 3,500 homes in Burlington, Ont.

Feltmate tells CTV News they have been working with federal and provincial organizations to help solve the problem, which begins with training home inspectors.

"Home inspectors right now in this province receive virtually no training in basement flood risk assessment," says Feltmate.

The study says on average people miss seven days of work to deal with damage. 

"In order to relieve long-term stress, homeowners have to feel confident they will never flood again," says Feltmate. "What we're working on now then is developing a mechanism, someone they can call, who is properly trained who can come in and say fix these things around your house and the probability of flooding around your home is much lower," he says.