VIDEO: Bernier Campaign Stop Met with Protest


With the federal election quickly approaching, another party leader made a stop in Windsor to support his local candidates.

The People's Party of Canada's founder and leader Maxime Bernier sat down to speak with AM800's Peter Langille on the Afternoon News.

The former Conservative says it's time for a smaller government that listens to the people's concerns and puts Canada first.

He says balancing the budget is priority one.

"We want to balance the budget as soon as possible. We think that it is irresponsible to have huge deficits like that. It's irresponsible for the future generation, it's unfair for them. We will balance the budget in two years and after that we'll lower taxes for every Canadian."


People's Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier speaks in Windsor on September 30, 2019 (Photo by AM800's Zander Broeckel)

Bernier says momentum has been growing since he started the PPC about a year ago.

"We are making history right now. We are the fastest growing political party in Canadian history. So we are building a new political party with our membership. We have more than 41,000 members. That's more than the Green Party after 35 years. They have only 19,000 members."

He says those who call him a climate change denier are wrong.

"The climate is always changing. What I don't believe, I don't believe that there's climate emergency. That's the difference. We can't build public policies on panic. We must build public policies on reason, on facts and I'm asking the scientists to do more research."

Bernier hosted a rally at the Ciociaro Club Monday night as well — which was met with dozens of protestors.

Bree Arbor was among the group and says Bernier's ideals aren't welcome here.

"We want to show that that's not welcome. His racism, his billboards saying he's against mass immigration, fearmongering against immigrants, his misogyny, his climate change denial, his anti-gay and anti-trans stances, all of these things together, we're just opposed to all of it."

Arbor says anyone supporting the PPC should be ashamed.

"I want people to know that if they're going to put themselves out there as endorsing and believing in these kinds of hateful beliefs that we will publicly shame and humiliate them. You can't just show up in public and say this is something that I stand up for and expect no opposition. We're going to tell you you're not welcome here. If you're going to say that stuff you're not welcome in our community."

The local PPC candidates are Bill Capes in the Essex riding, Dan Burr in Windsor-Tecumseh and Darryl Burrell in Windsor-West.

The federal election goes October 21.

— with files from AM800's Peter Langille