VIDEO: Cher Gives Shout Out to Windsor While Promoting Broadway Show


While promoting her Broadway musical "The Cher Show", an entertainment legend gave a 'shout out' to Windsor, Ontario.

Cher was on The Tonight Show this week with Jimmy Fallon and talked about the ups and downs in her career.

At one point, she along with her partner Sonny Bono,  had no money and owed the government $278,000 which is when they headed towards Windsor, Ontario.

"We just got in a car and headed towards Windsor, Ontario and started our life again. And we were broke ass broke," she said.

They stayed in Windsor for three weeks and performed at the Elmwood Casino in the late 1960s.

At first, she said the crowds in Windsor hated them, but then things turned around.

"Sonny just said you are going to wear a gown and I'm going to wear a tuxedo and we are going to go there and we are going to see what can happen and the people hated us," said Cher.  "I finally got so pissed off so I turned around and started to make the band laugh and the band laughs at anything."

She said the lesson in her life story is to 'never give up.'