VIDEO: Community Steps Up to Help Nine-year-old battling Cancer


The local community is stepping up to help a nine-year-old boy battling cancer.

Huntre Allard is currently in the hospital after being diagnosed with stage four brain cancer which carries an average survival rate of 12 to 18 months.

Allard's teachers at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Elementary School have created a Go Fund Me page to help the Windsor family get through this difficult time.

Grade 3 teacher Sylvia Campagna teaches Huntre and tells CTV Windsor he hasn't been in class since January when his condition worsened.

"I noticed his eye sight, when he would look at me. He couldn't focus on my eyes," says Campagna. "He would go to the board and do some work and I could tell that he wasn't able to write properly. He was shaking. We'd walk down the hall as a class and he would trip."

Huntre's mother Lisa Aylesworth says the diagnosis was not an easy one for a single mother of four boys.

"There was a tumour there. It was four centimetres. It took me a few hours for that to sink in. I don't even think it sank in really," she says.

Aylesworth is hoping for the best this holiday season.

"I hope to be home for Christmas, but you know what? As long as our family is together it doesn't matter where we have Christmas," she says. "Huntre is the most important thing right now and we need to do what's best for him.)

CLICK HERE to find a link to the Go Fund Me Page

The Make A Wish Foundation is also going to grant a wish for Huntre for a bedroom make over.